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I’m trying to get together a ‘portfolio’ of systems/services which complement each other in the markets they trade and also the amount of time they require to operate.  They obviously also have to be profitable! This has been a constantly evolving group and taken a lot longer than i thought it would back in September 2008 last year. More confident than at any stage that i can make a good living out of this now. The services I’ve researched and will now be trading are;



Blackdog Forex Trading System


Highly acclaimed piece of software which is added as a template to your Metatrader 4 charting software and along with a set of 6/7 basic rules gives straightforward entry signals.Only had the software a week but the back-testing and the live trading results have been pretty spectacular.


Cost is $297 ($50 rebate if purchased using above link) but to honest if i’d been allowed to trial this for a month i’d have paid 10 times that. For that you get the original Black Dog System (which is what i’ve back-tested) and 2 further systems based on the Black Dog which have improved results dramatically. Not only that there are 3 different types of entry signals so there are plenty of trading oppurtunities every day.

To top it off theres a really friendly forum which welcomes contributions from newbies and basically is there to ensure you’re using the software properly and making money.

This is essentially what i use to earn my income on a daily basis now

New for January 2010 – Trading Room dedicated to flagging up trades for new & experienced traders alike. Included in the cost of the Black Dog system.

Have a look at it here

Trading Elite Club

Very exciting service which is basically subscribers trading with a professional trader via commentary and also chat room.  Performance has been outstanding and this could be a very special find.

 Forex Morning Trade

This is an EA (automated trading robot) which sits on your MT4 platform and places trades for you only if certain criteria are met. Very impressive start with this and what makes it even better is that you dont have to do a thing once its installed. It automatically increases your stakes as your balance increases.

 Winning Dow Signals

Very solid  consistent, service which has been profitable almost every month since i subscribed about 2 years ago.





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