This page will be used to record the systems/services i’ve trialled and added to my portfolio to be used on a daily basis (or weekly in the case of some of the longer term trading services.)

Recommended Services

Forex 121

Heres the post I put on the blogs yesterday which sum up pretty well how its gone so far with Forex121 – basically I’ve reached the 1000 pips target and went live today with my Smart Live Markets account;

 Probably worth clarifying what the service offers as there have been a lot of additions to it since i started only a few weeks ago;
1. the core of the service is the strategy Dan teaches which you receive

2. there is a live room @ 6.45 – 7.15 each morning & this session is summarised in a video which is posted around 9am. so basically its not a problem if you cant make the room , you’ll always be able to catch up on any orders which were given out.

3. there are daily q & a sessions again in the live room where Dan will answer any questions about chart set up or the strategy or anything.

4.twice a week there are sessions where Dan will specifically discuss chart set up.

5. soon to launch is an SMS text service which will be a godsend if you’re working 9-5. this will mean you dont have to constantly check your emails for trade updates as they’ll be sent straight to your phone. this will be an additional £9 per month which is peanuts for the difference it wil make.

6. also soon to launch is the ‘Dandroid’ which is also an additional cost but only if the service makes more than 200 pips per month – anything less and there is no charge for that month. This is the service which will automatically trade your account with the short term trading Dan has used for years.

7. over the last 2 weeks there has also been a nightly ‘Asian’ session where a colleague of Dans, Ben has held a live room between 10 & 10.30pm to call overnight potential trades, using Dans strategy, in the Asian markets. This has made a great start & this aspect of the service is 250-300 pips up.

8. Dans also arranged to contact all the members individually to discuss their targets and goals and map out how to achieve them taking into account their starting capital and attitude to risk.

9. also worth remembering theres a months free trial as well.
I’ve probably missed stuff out but i think thats it – a lot of people have asked me how good this service is and the short answer is its the best all round service i’ve experienced and if i dont make a lot of money as a member of Forex121 then i’ll pack it in because i know it’ll be down to me rather than the service.

More info here

Black Dog Forex Trading System

Just wish i’d come across this system 12 months ago when i started looking for a way to earn a living trading forex.

This system is basically a template with indicators which give you clear signals when to enter the market. One of the beauties of the system is that it works on all time frames so if you’re working you can use the 1 day chart – check the charts in the evening and if the signals for a trade have been given leave the orders with your spread betting company or broker and let the trade take its course.

Very highly recommended – you get the best support i’ve ever come across from the vendor Dave Atkinson and also access to a forum used by a mix of experience, successful Black Dog traders and new users.

Check the site for more details here

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