Day 7 – Solid day again with exactly a 1% gain. Account growth now @ +6.95% – AFT EA Review

Day 7 – Solid day again with exactly a 1% gain. Account growth now @ +6.95% – AFT EA Review

There was a roll over trade from last night which added a small gain to yesterdays total to take the overall growth of the account to 5.95% overnight.

Today was another remarkable performance by this Forex EA – there were a total of 6 closed trades with another open trade probably carrying over until tomorrow although , as the markets are open round the clock, it may well close before i get up tomorrow.

I watched the trades a little bit less today so hopefully that carries on so i can get actual work done – although watching the trades close out for wins is a buzz so probably not.

Obviously cant fault this service at the moment & even yesterday when there was a 65 pip spike on the eur/usd it took it all in its stride and eventually took the trade out for profit.

The guys operating Auto Forex Trading are talking long term about this service, they have their own money invested so have a vested interest on all levels for it to work.  The hardest thing is to stop putting numbers into the compounding calculator to see where your account will be in 12 months or 2 years – especially when the guys offering the service are talking about 5-7 years plans.

Please let me know if you would like any more information or to be added to the Facebook page.

Paul Cunningham

Auto Forex Trading, AFT EA

Another 1% Gain for Auto Forex Trading – 25th September 2018

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Day 6 AFT Auto Forex Trading Review – Steady 0.8% gain

More than happy with AFT so far- doing exactly what it says on the tin.  6% gain over 6 days but i do need to somehow find a way to stop watching the trades tick by tick!!  Have to say it is good fun though- especially when they’re approaching the take profit level.

Just the 2 trades today nzd/usd sell which closed for a small profit this morning & then a eur/usd which closed this afternoon for a bigger profit.  eur/usd trade went against us for most of the day but because of the hedging built into the EA none of the team or members who’ve been with AFT for the last few weeks are at all concerned. In fact most of them are happy to see the potential for the hedging to kick in because it usually means bigger profits.

I’ve no idea how Sam has programmed it to pretty much guarantee a profit but i’m just glad he has. Didnt need it today though as both trades closed out in the original sell direction.

Remember this is all automated – requires no input from us at all.  The EA just gets on with everything as its programmed to do – averaging 1% with as little risk as possible. If 1% doesnt sound very much just put £1000 (its in dollars but ignore that) in this Daily Interest Compound Calculator If you change the days to 260 which will give you about a year, change the reinvest to 100% and ‘no’ to weekends it will give you an idea of the power of what AFT are offering.

Apologies that i dont have a myfxbook image today but i’m trying to set it up so i can just post a link to the account rather than post an image. Below image is from my copier account on Social Trader Tools.

If anyone is interested in being added to the Facebook group then just let me know –
Paul Cunningham

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Auto Forex Trading Review AFT – Day 5

Auto Forex Trading Review AFT – Day 5

Another passively profitable day for the Auto Forex Trading EA – nice steady gain of .6% , taking my weekly growth to 5.25%. As you can see from the image of the MyFXBook page, this is a live account trading with real funds , real time so fully transparent.

Its great to watch the EA move the stop loss to lock in profit knowing that whatever happens you’re in a winning trade – happened a couple of times today & the gains could have been even bigger with a little bit of luck as one trade missed the full profit target by a pip or so and another spiked to the trailing stop loss before powering on to the original profit target.

Not complaining at all though because growth at same rate as this weeks for the next couple of years will be life-changing – can’t wait until Monday!

Heres my MyFXBook account showing the position after the first weeks trading – any queries please contact me at the email address below.

Auto Forex Trading Review , AFT EA Review

The site again is Auto Forex Trading

My referral details are;
Paul Cunningham

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Auto Forex Trading Review – AFT

Auto Forex Trading Review – AFT.

Right, first post on the blog for four years – so why now? Well I’ve been made aware of the guys at Auto Forex Trading by a friend i’d made 7/8 years ago via the blog.

To be honest after none of the Forex trading bots that i’d looked at ever working out full time I was ready to give this a miss but, fortunately for me, decided to have a look after he assured me that this ‘felt different’.

As soon as you get on the site you can see what he means – great looking professional site, no picture of a bloke sat on the bonnet of a Ferrari and loads of clear, detailed information on what is being offered. As you can see theres also a distinct lack of hype and overblown promises.

What Auto Forex Trading offer are the chance to get involved in what looks like a potentially life-changing opportunity – a piece of software which will trade your broker account without involvement on your part once you’ve funded it with a minimum of £500. Its a totally passive income, requiring no input from you at all – but to be honest at the moment i’m addicted to constantly checking the trades on the MT4 app!

The EA was developed by Sam Gill – its been tested on 19 years worth of purchased data @ 99.98% accuracy & he’s spent 14 months tweaking its performance until he was happy to go live with it this July. During testing and now live trading its been achieving an average of 1% a day – A DAY!

The guys behind the company are planning for the long term and also have plans to launch a Gold EA sometime next year followed by a potential Crypto currency EA. These will be more aggressive tradeing EA’s with the idea being that they can create funds more quickly to be reinvested into the more risk averse FX EA.

If you do decide to go ahead I can get you added onto the Facebook page or if you go directly the guys via the website just let them know at the appropriate time that you were referred by Paul Cunningham

Heres the link for the main actual account of the Auto Forex Trader accounts

My first trade was taken on Friday evening when my account was at the minimum entry level balance of £500 – i’ve since added another £500 and you can see here the performance of my live MT4 ac this week AFT Auto Forex Trader Image after Day 4

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Profit Maximiser 30 day free trial

Dont make many posts nowadays but thought this was definitely letting people know about. Profit Maximiser you may know is run by the same guy who runs Bonus Bagging. One of the best ways to make money i’ve ever come across – never mind the fact that its risk free. over the past few months he’s been running a new service called profit maximiser which is based on the same risk free principle but with, basically, larger profits.

Good news for anyone not really sure about laying out the post of the programme without testing it because Mike is now offering a 30 days risk free trial – a genuine no brainer if ever i’ve seen one. Theres a great community on the forum with members actively sharing no risk bets they’ve found using the profit maximiser method. Testimonials of people making £1000 per month are pretty common.

Highest possible reccommendation for this service – click here for more details

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Live Room Goes Live Tomorrow For FX Sundays

The Live Room goes live tomorrow for the FX Sundays trading group led by Jonah. You need to have bought the course to enter the room by the way. Thinks its best to let Jonah get it across in his own inimitable way – heres his latest post about tomorrows launch.

Are We Fucking Ready??
Ok guys I’m really fucking excited about these next two weeks! I am first and foremost not promising anything as I don’t know if I will be able to get this across in a live room, as I was not sure if I could get the methodologies across in the course. But hey the course has been an overwhelming success and I thank all of you that have bought it and shared the kind words of your success and appreciation! Remember I am here to hopefully make a difference to your lives, and if I benefit just one person then I am happy indeed! Life is about progression, fruition, wealth, health, happiness! I will try my fucking hardest to help you in you adventure of trading and I sincerely hope some of you guys go on to make top top top retail traders and make it your new profession! I don’t and can’t speak of failure so lets nail this bastard and take it to the next level!! It will be an interesting two weeks and getting it right will be massive for everyone involve! So let’s see how it goes, I look forward to seeing you all tomorrow, I think we have over 65 in the group so the pressure is on, but I promise to deliver what I can! It could be very easy to give you trades just for the sake of trading, I will try my best not to do this as its not the professional way. But hey lets eh!!
Good luck this week guys, I have a few more people to add to Skype group which I shall do after I finish my barcelo cola in the mild Spanish air!! I think I have you all in whatsapp now so wil send a test now, if your not in hit me up quick on Skype message please!! Cheers guys

He can be contacted here for more details.

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FX Sundays – Quick Update.

Not mentioned FX Sundays for a while and to be honest i’ve not raded the signals for a couple of months now. Thats nothing to do with quality of them , its more to do with having no time to even place them.  Bit pathetic that really, now i’m thinking about it because it takes less than 15 minutes on a Sunday night/Monday morning.

Anyway Jonah’s trialled a live trading room with a mate of his & (i think) just himself & its gone really well apparently. He’s now offering a free trial of it to anyone interested and also has an offer on his highly recommended course which expires tonight.

I’m not affiliated to him in anyway, i just want people to at least try the free signals of someone who is very genuine and very good at what he does.

He can be contacted here for more details.

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Profit Maximiser – Bonus Bagging On Steroids

Just wanted to let you know about the new service from Mike Cruickshank, the guy who developed the brilliant Bonus Bagging system. Whereas the Bonus Bagging service was great for producing £300/£400 per month, the Profit Maximiser is producing that in a week.  I’ve attached some of the testimonials below & you can click here for more detailed information.

Not had chance to use the service yet but, having been an advocate and user of Bonus Bagging   for users I’ve no doubt that the claims and testimonials on the site are genuine. Think theres a free trial as well at the moment.


My profit for month one in Profit Maximising alone is set to break £2000 and a flatscreen TV (if it ever arrives). This is perhaps the best place on the internet to make easy money in your spare time! – Andrew N

Thanks to Profit Maximiser, my total betting profit for the month has exceeded £1000 for the first time. Thanks ever so much to Mike and to all you wonderful PM members. This experience has not only been profitable, but also very enjoyable. Long may it continue! I haven’t even done the bookie sign-up bonuses on the PM site yet and I’m still making over £1000 a month. – Christopher B

I do not post too often here, (busy cashing out bonuses) but if it is of any help to new members I have cashed out over £1300 in a few short months of signing up with Mike Cruickshank. – Kevan C

This is without a doubt the best thing I’ve done. I have given up working 70 hrs a week and can earn the same, often more by using this. It has bought me time, the most important commodity. – Jacky S

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Bonus Bagging – Just Do It

Bonus Bagging – the more boring series of posts of all time anywhere but the fact is it works. over the pas couple of weeks Mike the guy who runs it has set up videos which show EXACTLY how he has cashed out £75 with a .1 % at online casino, plus £100 cashback offers he’s used to bank £73 elsewhere.

these are for existing members not just new members who can take advantage of the joining offers – what this means is that once you have gone through the 50-60 online bookie offers you can then take advantage of the ongoing offers for existing members so its a continuing small but steady income.

Details here

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FX Sundays Update

Last couple of weeks have been business as usual for Jonahs Sunday night selections – last weeks came in at around 343 pips & 693 for March as a whole. This week was pretty much done and dusted in the first couple of days and finished with 159 pips with just 2 selections. Jonah was a bit more cautius this week with the bank holiday and NFP today but it was still a nice result. People using the course for their own selections could have had a lot more pips looking at the way the Yen has moved.

Highly recommended –
Check the blog out here

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