9.3% Gain With The Trading People – Should Have Been 18% But I Closed Manually !!

Amazing days trading today with the Trading People – trade carried over from yesterday and went to 20% + drawdown at one stage. Big reversal in the afternoon meant that I was about 7% up at one stage and 9% overall on the trade after he added another trade on the pair which closed during the reversal.

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Made the fatal mistake of intervening in a ‘hands free’ copier service and later saw the price drop like a stone with everyone in the Telegram group celebrating an 18% overall win.

Its very early days, obviously, but it was interesting watching this trade as it had elements to suggest it was being carried out by a professional rather than a hopeful like me. For example it went to 4% profit on Sunday night which for a single trade after making 36% last week would have been enough for most but he left it running. When it went to 20% drawdown he added another trade – exactly the opposite of what i’d have been looking to do.  This trade won and within a couple of hours the whole lot had closed at around a total of 18%.

Even at 20%+ drawdown there was a confident prescence of the admin in the Telegram group which makes a change from other groups I’ve been in.

I think this is going to be fascinating watching these trades managed to, hopefully, profits and days like today.

Just to clarify again because I don’t think I made it clear yesterday that this is a totally hands off service – your broker account copies the trades made by the mast account.

Link below is to a guide produced to walk people through the set up process. Any queries please contact me on paul15563@gmail.com

The Trading People Guide

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New In Depth Review – The Trading People, Forex Copier Service

The Trading People is the brand new service i’m going to be reviewing over the next few week and hopefully months.   I’m hoping we have more success with this than the funds we were involved in recently – going to keep the faith though – got to be a life changing service out there somewhere, maybe its this?

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Initial reports are very good, I’ve been on 2 ‘Zoom’ live calls with the founders of the service and they appear knowledgeable and were at least saying the right things.

The service had an amazing week last week which was verified as being genuine by a friend who’s already a member. His account gained 36% in the week!.  That’s the kind of result that makes me a bit wary though – how risky is the trading strategy etc. but the founders didn’t seem to think it was that unusual so we’ll see.

They don’t seem obsessed with recruitment which is encouraging although they do run a limited affiliate programme. They also don’t insist on you signing up with their IC Markets broker number which means you can use an existing IC Markets ac or any other ECN broker account actually.

Well I got connected last night and we soon had trades on which were well in profit at one stage but fell back and, at one stage, my account was on 12% drawdown. Rallied later on a bit.

Unfortunately there are no myfxbook pages to view trading history or website yet which make the whole thing seem a bit rushed but lets see what happens.

The Zoom calls they have are worth listening to & i’ll get a link up any which are taking place later in the week.

Link below is to a guide produced to walk people through the set up process. Any queries please contact me on paul15563@gmail.com

Link For Registration

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Arbistar Update – couple of interesting videos.

Arbistar continue to do what it says on their tin. Regular weekly payouts etc. Very tempted to take out a withdrawl but obviously seriously impacts the compounding levels once you do that.

Currently getting around £38+ & growing every Saturday so as I’ve said before will probably leave until Christmas & get some out then.

Just watched a couple of videos showing live trades on the recently released ‘Personal Bot’ which is basically software which allow you to carry out arbitrage Cypto trades on your own accounts as opposed to the ‘Community Bot’ which trades your ‘contribution’ for you.

There has been some online scepticism about wether there was any trading taking place at all , with claims that the ‘contributions’ were used to pay the bonuses ie a type of Ponzi scheme. Having watched the videos which show Personal bot trades it seems pretty clear that these trades are possible to make and, therefore, the Community bot trades are also genuine. Just nice to be given a bit more confidence in the validity of the company.

Its definitely worthwhile watching this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ui-8_qDvrU0 – its a bit long but explains what the company does and what it offers us. Its over an hour but first 20 minutes cover everything.

Let me know if you need any more info @ paul15563@gmail.com or click here for more info / sign up page

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Arbistar looking good

Arbistar is still looking a very good investment. To be honest its the one shining light at the moment but fortunately its looking and feeling like its a company which is planning for long term growth.

Payouts are received daily plus a payout on Saturday – mine was the equivalent of £35 this week and is growing weekly as i’m compounding. Bitcoin value has been steady for past few weeks but there seems to be more confidence about further rises then falls so fingers crossed that’s the case.

Currently the only thing I can strongly recommend.

Let me know if you need any more info @ paul15563@gmail.com or click here for more info / sign up page

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Will be looking to get out of FX Autotrade asap – had some big losses over past month or so. Had margin calls couple of weeks ago so all in all a very expensive trial with this particular EA. Lost well over £1000 since started.

No further updates on this one!

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If anyones a joined Arbistar they should have received an email advising them to update their Bitcoin wallet addresses on their accounts. Apparently this was caused by an error on Arbistars part which updated the addresses to the wrong details.

This wasn’t a hack of peoples accounts as first claimed – just a update error which Arbistar were very quick to acknowledge instruct members how to sort.

How to do video is here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9aDzPviBhG4&feature=youtu.be&fbclid=IwAR1A8K_nGFTuXpzGj1-xOPyHJoXXdm-f54628p8BKSXVR74TeoxAejOkxhU

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Arbistar update and Bitcoin Long Term Forecast

My Arbistar account continues to build – not tried a payout yet but the facebook group is full of people confirming they’ve received them so i’m confident will be ok when the time comes.  Wanr to leave it compound for couple of months so when I take the initial capital out theres enough left to produce decent return.

Saw an interesting piece about the long term price of Bitcoin here https://news.u.today/news/analyst-predicts-when-bitcoin-price-will-hit-100000-based-on-power-law-growth-model

No-one knows where its going but its interesting reading stuff like this whereas not so long ago analysts were lining up claiming it was only a matter of time before it disappeared.

Let me know if you need any more info @ paul15563@gmail.com or click here for more info / sign up page

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SDFX – account management service – update

Quick update to the joining requirements for this service and its a big one – Steve advised last month that we now need to be members of eaconomy because they had contacted him to say that he couldn’t use their software to trade for non-members.

So we all had to sign up (under his referral id) to the service which is $247 first month & $169 thereafter. This means we need £136 profit to break even which is a bit tight on £1000 balance so had to up it to £2000.

Was going well up to this week but took a 10% today meaning i’m about £250 down for the past couple of weeks when taking the eaconomy payment into account. Hopefully just a blip and continues to perform as has done this year according to his charts records.

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Slight drop in Bitcoin price but Arbistar still paying out

Bitcoin is below the psychological barrier of $10k again and no-one really knows which way its heading if they’re honest. Will be great obviously if it remains steady here or even better if gets back to 13$k but the arbitrage aspect will continue to payout whichever way it goes.

Doesn’t affect the payouts though – wether its the daily profit or the weekly payment – they’re all coming through as promised. Happy with the amount I’ve got in with them so will just watch it grow for a few months and then draw the original capital out.

Let me know if you need any more info @ paul15563@gmail.com or click here for more info / sign up page

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Disaster for FX Funds

Pretty tough day on Friday as it was announced the both of the funds that John Campbell was running under the FX2 name had collapsed. Totalled avbout £1400 for me across the 2 funds so a big chunk out of my investment bank which was initially £5000.

He had mentioned broker difficulties from a withdrawl perspective and also the fact that he had accounts closed due to the brokers losing money with his accounts. John feels that Fort Financial & Coinnex both had issues with the success of his trades as they make money from betting against them.

Seems like it all went south within a couple of weeks with a perfect storm of some poor trades and broker withdrawl & execution issues.

On this page https://fx2.fund/collapse.htm he gives a full explanation of what he claims happend with links to the trades and evidence of the deposits he personally made to keep the fund going. He sounds genuinely devastated about it , as you would hope , but that doesn’t really help with the losses.

Worst experience I’ve had so far in investing and a real sickener – apologies to anyone who decided to invest with John as well.

Just have to move on now and search out & test some more opportunities to to complement our remaining investments in SDFX & Arbistar 2.0.

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