Reviews of Longshot King, Forex 121, Bonus Bagging & Money Text

Hi,  9th Jan 2012

I just wanted to update this page as i havent done for over a year. Not fully left work but gone to part time which is an achievement in itself in the current financial climate. Its still the ultimate goal but theres no deadline now which isnt putting pressure on me to review products/services too quickly.

At the moment i’m more that happy with the Longshot King Review i’m carrying out. Over 150 pts up in about 5 months is great going. Very professional service as well. The Money Text Review is also going very well – love the simplicity of this forex signal service.

The Forex 121 Review has gone very well up until this point and i’m expecting 2012 to be a big year for them – the ‘Dandroid’ trade copier should start very soon as well so looking forward to getting the expected results there.   And as for the Bonus Bagging Review  – well as great as some of the other services are Bonus Bagging is probably my favourite as its the only thing i’ve ever come across which is risk free, guaranteed money.

So looking forward to the year all in all – not sure it’ll be the year i can leave work 100% but it should be a profitable one nontheless.




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