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Compounding Calculator

One of my favourite things to refer back to if i’m doubting what i’m doing or becoming impatient with the progress of my account etc etc is my compounding calculator.  This allows you to put in your starting capital, the amount in pips you would like to/expect to make per day and also allows you to factor in taking a monthly salary from the account.

Really useful in encouraging you to keep doing what you’re doing, have patience and it will be worth it.   Just drop me an email & i’ll send it right over.

Trading in the Zone by Mark Douglas

This is acknowledged as the best book ever written about the psychology of trading and totally changed my attitude to the risk involved. Gets you to trade consistently (robotically preferrably) using whatever strategy gives you the ‘edge’ over the rest of the market.

Send me an email for the first five chapters of this book – i’m pretty sure these chapters alone will have a positive impact on your trading but if you want the whole book its available here . Its worth having a look on Amazon to check out the reviews anyway.

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