New Service – PipsMaster

Came across a new service last week whilst scanning an ‘opportunity’ Telegram channel.

Service is free & its exclusively on Telegram which, for those that don’t use it, is basically a chat app which can be set to send trade alerts to you amongst other things.

The service is free although they do offer a VIP service. The history of the service is available on their Telegram chat which basically means that you can scroll back through the channel from when they launched it to check the trades they gave out. It was launched 18 months ago and has an 85% win rate.

I used it last week – had 4 winning trades out of 4 for about 40 pips each. Fridays trade was also a winner but I missed the entry by about 5 pips so placed an order to enter when it retraced but it never did so should have just gone in when I could.

The VIP service is also free but requires you to open a BD Swiss account using their link and deposit $250 – I suppose some people will use that BD Swiss account but, as its not a trade copier service, I don’t see how they can ensure you are using it.

Link to their Telegram channel is here – Telegram also works on PC/Laptop main benefit is trade alerts on your mobile

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