Bitcoin hanging in there but – Arbistar pay like clockwork.

Another £35 received on Saturday as per usual. Bitcoin recovered a bit last week but opened about $1000 lower last night. Still lot of talk about it being a ‘safe haven’ at some point when its expected to take but looks as likely to go lower as higher. still making money with mine via Arbistar though so all good.

received some info that the ‘community bot’ which i’m part of is closing to new deposits and subscribers in a ‘few months’. think they want to move new customers to the personal bot in the future – this means that whatever you have in the personal bot at the time of the closure will be what you’ll be paid out on – no more compounding. anything over a certain level will be auto paid out to you. don’t think its going to affect me too much but if you’re sat on the fence and not a member yet it might be worth bearing in mind

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