PipMakers Still Out Of These Crazy Markets

No trading this week from the guys @ PipMakers – suppose it would be easy for them to jump back in because that’s how they make their money but they announced this week that because they have a lot of money invested with them they couldn’t justify it.

They have been live testing another EA over the past few weeks though & , even in these crazy conditions, its done very well – up 7% since Tuesday. They’ve asked if people are happy to let this EA trade for them from Monday & I’ve opted in, like most of the current members so lets see where that goes

Just to clarify – this is a trade copier service. Once you’ve funded the account and linked it to their copier your input is nil. More info here https://pipmakers.co.uk/

If you’ve got the Telegram app you can get more info on the potential members channel – all questions answered quickly and politely by the guys running the service.

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