Nice Progress With Each Way Sniper Automated Software

Well after losing another account on Saturday – William Hills this time – I seriously expected this to be a short-lived review. However, the last 4 days have gone pretty well – no accounts closed and currently standing at 24 points up.

Results have been great and if they continue like this without me losing any more accounts for a while i’ll be 100% recommending this software. I’ve found that the error messages have stopped now if you download the updates which are offered every day. Sounds a pain but is literally 2 mins max to get done. So the whole process is 5 mins max – turn on laptop , double click on EWS icon which auto loads all your bookmaker accounts within the software & download the updates. The end.

I’m always checking it during the day but that’s just me – totally hands free value finding horse racing software.

More info here

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