Up to 28% Now With PipMakers

Just over 3% for the week with PipMakers – a really good result when judged against other services currently 50-60% in drawdown due to the current market volatility.

As I’ve previously said about this service, its the caution they have with your funds which is the best aspect of it. They could obviously make a lot more commission if they were just trying to get in the market as much as possible but, as other services are experiencing, that’s not in your customers best interests.

That’s probably it for the week but again made enough for a quiet night out!

Just to clarify – this is a trade copier service. Once you’ve funded the account and linked it to their copier your input is nil. More info here https://pipmakers.co.uk/

If you’ve got the Telegram app you can get more info on the potential members channel – all questions answered quickly and politely by the guys running the service.

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