Eventful Start With EWS

An eventful start to my subscription with Each Way Sniper Automated Software. Had a false start on Thursday when I only had one bookie linked to the software and had the staking wrong so we’ll discount that.

Out of 30 ish bets I hit 3 winners yesterday – cool possibility 26/1, Alhajaj @ 41/1 & Media Storm 11/1. Please note these prices are taken as early as possible so the starting prices will more often than not be a lot shorter. Don’t expect that this will be a typical day with 3 very good priced winners but there were a few placed as well so its a great start – £13.87 up on the day from .25p e/w stakes.

The downside is that Corals emailed me to say that my account had been restricted – after 1 winner from .25 p e/w stake!!. Didn’t worry me too much as it was talking about not being eligible for bonuses, free bets or price boosts so I assumed I was ok to carry on with the small stakes on the horses but I attempted a manual bet & got message ‘maximum bet 0.00’ so that looks like the end of corals. I’ve messages them to see what they say but not hopeful.

Not the end of the world though with the number of bookies out there but could do without it being a regular issue.

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