Steady start to the week with PipMakers – 25% growth now.

Slowish start to the week with PipMakers – it was bank holiday in the US yesterday. Had a quick small trade first thing then another trade which had about 8% drawdown at its worst and which closed today for about 1.6% profit. Just over 1.7% for the week so far for me.

The Coronavirus is causing the markets to be a little bit jumpier than usual so the guys running the service are being extra cautious but say they’ll still be trading when the signals show themselves

Just to clarify – this is a trade copier service. Once you’ve funded the account and linked it to their copier your input is nil.¬†¬†More info here

If you’ve got the Telegram app you can get more info on the potential members channel – all questions answered quickly and politely by the guys running the service.

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