Now up to 23% Profit With Pipmakers

Out of the markets again for the week – around 3.6% profit for this week.   Have put the withdrawl request in with IC Markets for the £37 ish – should be in my bank account tomorrow. Its not a fortune but its nice because it pays for a bit of stuff over the weekend – coffees out etc so you feel like you’re seeing something for it.

Nearly at 25% profit & aiming for 100% before I stop withdrawing & leave it alone to compound.

No dramas again this week – couple of drawdowns, but nothing significant and mostly just small, quick in & out trades. Nice, safety first approach.

These guys definitely know what they’re doing – very interactive with the subscribers on the members Telegram channel & overall great experience so far.

Just to clarify – this is a trade copier service. Once you’ve funded the account and linked it to their copier your input is nil.

Looking forward to Monday already. More info here

If you’ve got the Telegram app you can get more info on the potential members channel – all questions answered quickly and politely by the guys running the service.


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