8 months in with Arbistar

Almost 8 months in with Arbistar now and they just keep paying out and haven’t missed a beat since I started with them.  Have to be honest and say I expected less from these guys in terms of longevity than any of the other companies I invested with and it turns out these are the most solid and most professional of the lot.

My overall balance with them has grown to about £1100 – pretty happy with that from the initial deposits of about £400. Continues to pay out daily and weekly so couldn’t be happier with these guys –  more info here
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Arbistar have also taken further steps to ensure they’re compliant with trading laws worldwide which has meant they’ve had to exclude existing members from the USA.  Obviously that’s to their own detriment but  it does demonstrate that they’re ensuring they  make as sure as possible they’re as regulated as possible.

They’ve also introduced stricter KYC requirements now so it does look as if they’re planning for the long term which is very encouraging.

They’re widely accepted as being the most reliable of all opportunities out there currently so, again, definitely recommend people take a look at least. More info here
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