Impressed with the RPL Trading Trial

RPL Trading 2 week trial finished couple of days ago.  Was quite impressed with the service and the results.

Percentage wise I made nearly 18% without getting into a couple of big winners – you have to bear in mind though this was with what was left after the TTP disaster ie £39.69.

I used 0.01 lot sizes, which is the minimum possible on my account and, obviously, on a balance that size the leverage is way out.  Having said that though this isn’t an EA – its 4 traders , apparently in difference parts of the world, so there will be trade management rather ever increasing trade / drawdown size.

I missed a couple of the trades because they came too early in the morning for me – 7am ish but there is the option to add a bot to their Telegram channel which auto places the trades. They’ve got this on a deal @$30 pm so with the £50 pm RPL charge the whole outlay is about £73 pm.

The website is    – theres a myfxbook page here

apparently the drawdown on the myfxbook page is a bit misleading because it includes ‘risky’ trades taken by one of the traders which weren’t included in the actual broadcast signals.   Looking at that they’ve done nearly 7% today – suppose it shows bit money to be made if you’re ‘brave’ enough to trade NFP day.

Doesn’t appear theres a minimum trading requirement on this which makes sense because you’re paying a fixed fee so doesn’t matter to the traders how much you’re in with.

Definitely will consider this but may well watch the myfxbook page for a month before jumping in.

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