RPL Trading – Short Free Trial For Promising Signal Service

So some good may come of the TTP debacle.  Been made aware of a signal service which has been running for a month or so with promising results.

Its a group of 4 traders – one of whom i’m aware of from the AFT channel who has set the service up.   Gone ok so far – free trial is until 1st November.

There is some commentary on the signals & it does look like the traders are making decisions on price action indicators.   Messages are given via Telegram so will flash up on your phone with stop loss and take profit figures – good money management in place with at least 1:1  profit / loss ratio on the trade.

you just need to join the telegram channel here to automatically start receiving the trades.  worthwhile just to check them out – you don’t need to follow the outcome yourself as they will update the trades win or lose with further messages. https://t.me/joinchat/AAAAAFd4La8rhOwO1bI4Kw

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