Nial Fullers Learn To Trade The Market – Price Action Course

This is something I should have taken years ago.  Nial Fuller is one of the most successful Price Action traders in the world and has been providing free educational content about this trading method online since about 2008.  He won the $1 Million Dollar challenge in 2016 – turning $1 Million into $3 million in a couple of months using the methods he teaches in his course.

I actually approached him 8/9 years ago & offered to review his course for a free copy/membership.  He basically said there was no point as the readers of my blog wouldn’t have the mindset for his methods as they’d only be interested in short term signals and systems.

Maybe a bit harsh but he probably had a point – he trades the higher time frames, mainly daily & 4hr so the trading is pretty stress free and can be managed once a day.

The course covers all the price action set ups he uses and goes into great depth into every other aspect of his trading approach – money management, psychology, daily routine etc but most reviews I’ve seen have picked the the forum as the best part of it.  You get lifetime membership to it and its where Nial plus a lot of other members discuss the days potential set ups.

Anyway after last weeks disaster I thought it’d be a good idea to maybe teach myself how to actually trade for myself.  So the plan is;
buy the course $297
learn the course content – few weeks
demo trade for 6 months
start live trading & set up some kind of free Telegram channel community for trade set up ideas etc.

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