Couple of people warned me about TTP at the weekend but, unfortunately, I took a gamble that a couple more trades would see me to 100% gain & i’d withdraw capital and be risk free.  Got to 78% & the service took 4 sell trades on GBP/JPY when , even I could see, that wasn’t the way the market was trending.

Cue massive spikes the price and 48hrs of pain until the account was stuck on a life support machine in the shape of 2 buy trades which just prolonged the inevitable.

Went from £1788 to £38 in 48 hrs & apologies to anyone who got involved and has lost money.

There were 300-400 people in the group on Telegram with a lot of people looking to take legal action against TTP due to the claims that there a trader with 20 years experience making the trades – this clearly wasn’t the case and was, apparently, admitted in the Zoom call on Tuesday.  The disclaimer and terms & conditions were based on this so it was claimed they were made.

There is talk of a trading account being set up as a gesture of goodwill to recover members losses – I have a feeling that might just be absolute bollocks and possibly designed to delay/put off any legal action.

Anyway on Tuesday night I’d given up on Forex completely and was ready to close this site down and tonight i’m in some other Telegram groups full of hope and believing in the Holy Grail again!!

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