Growth With TTP Now At 56%+in 10 Working Days.

Another 4% yesterday with a quick scalp and then a longer set of trades which had a bit of drawdown but were then closed comfortably before the close last night.

Think there a lot of people of the TTP Telegram group who are taking these kind of numbers for granted but after having been involved in Forex services for years I’m amazed every day at the performance of this one.

The admin guys have had issues but, as is often the case, they didn’t realise the demand there would be and have been amazingly patient with getting asked the same questions over and over & getting chased by people desperate to get in.

There aren’t any guarantees of future earning with Forex from past results obviously & i’m sure theres going to be bumps in the road but , if you look at the FX Blue link below you can see its recorded 45 out of 45 winning trades with a 132% growth in the master account.

This service can be started with just £200 so if that’s an amount you can afford to lose (obviously it preferable if you don’t) then I highly recommend having a look at this.

This is the pre-joining Telegram group which is a good place to get some more info or ask any questions you may have.  Its a bit frenetic at the moment because theres aa backlog with registrations

Contact me by all means as well

The website is now open again for registration here

Heres the link to the FX Blue page which records the performance of the official master TTP account independently.

Trades 11 10 2019 

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