10% Gain For TTP The Trading People As Sundays Nights Trades Close

Another jaw-dropping day with The Trading People – yesterday the trades taken on Sunday night which were all on gbp/jpy were at 25% drawdown. Cue a lot of flapping in the Telegram group for the subscribers whose first day it was.

The admin guy , however, were telling everyone to stay calm and were confidently stating it would turn in our favour & it did today round lunch time – for a 10% gain. Apparently the trader stayed in the trade as it carried on well past our exit point for probably a 20% total gain.

36% gain for my account since last Monday – a friend of mine in from the previous Monday is now at 98% gain, almost his initial deposit.

Obviously we should all know Forex trading is very volatile and past results don’t guarantee future profits but, safe to say, this could have started any better. Its going to be a little bit queasy if you’re like I’ve been in the past and check the trades every 5 minutes because there will be drawdowns – you just cant get wins like this scalping the markets.

The website is now open again for registration here

Heres the link to the FX Blue page which records the performance of the official master TTP account independently.





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