Another great day for the TTP service – Another 6% gain

A bit deja vu today – quick trade, around 20 mins again and another 6%+ gain.  doesn’t get much better than this.   23% gain for me in a week which is ridiculous really. Would have been around 30% if i’d left the account alone. Other members reporting 70% gains since last Monday.

In a weird way i’m looking forward to seeing how a loss is managed – at what point does
the trader decide the trade isn’t going to work out and pulls the plug.  Maybe after another week of winning trades though!

Main problem for the company in the past week hasn’t been allowing prospective new members to send payments – they’re pretty close to sorting that now with a number of options as TransferWise just wasn’t up to it.

Heres the link to the FX Blue page which records the performance of the official master TTP account independently.

If anyones interested theres a downloadable guide below which also contains a link to the telegram group for prospective members.

The Trading People Guide




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