9.3% Gain With The Trading People – Should Have Been 18% But I Closed Manually !!

Amazing days trading today with the Trading People – trade carried over from yesterday and went to 20% + drawdown at one stage. Big reversal in the afternoon meant that I was about 7% up at one stage and 9% overall on the trade after he added another trade on the pair which closed during the reversal.

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Made the fatal mistake of intervening in a ‘hands free’ copier service and later saw the price drop like a stone with everyone in the Telegram group celebrating an 18% overall win.

Its very early days, obviously, but it was interesting watching this trade as it had elements to suggest it was being carried out by a professional rather than a hopeful like me. For example it went to 4% profit on Sunday night which for a single trade after making 36% last week would have been enough for most but he left it running. When it went to 20% drawdown he added another trade – exactly the opposite of what i’d have been looking to do.  This trade won and within a couple of hours the whole lot had closed at around a total of 18%.

Even at 20%+ drawdown there was a confident prescence of the admin in the Telegram group which makes a change from other groups I’ve been in.

I think this is going to be fascinating watching these trades managed to, hopefully, profits and days like today.

Just to clarify again because I don’t think I made it clear yesterday that this is a totally hands off service – your broker account copies the trades made by the mast account.

Link below is to a guide produced to walk people through the set up process. Any queries please contact me on paul15563@gmail.com

The Trading People Guide

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