New In Depth Review – The Trading People, Forex Copier Service

The Trading People is the brand new service i’m going to be reviewing over the next few week and hopefully months.   I’m hoping we have more success with this than the funds we were involved in recently – going to keep the faith though – got to be a life changing service out there somewhere, maybe its this?

Link For Registration

Initial reports are very good, I’ve been on 2 ‘Zoom’ live calls with the founders of the service and they appear knowledgeable and were at least saying the right things.

The service had an amazing week last week which was verified as being genuine by a friend who’s already a member. His account gained 36% in the week!.  That’s the kind of result that makes me a bit wary though – how risky is the trading strategy etc. but the founders didn’t seem to think it was that unusual so we’ll see.

They don’t seem obsessed with recruitment which is encouraging although they do run a limited affiliate programme. They also don’t insist on you signing up with their IC Markets broker number which means you can use an existing IC Markets ac or any other ECN broker account actually.

Well I got connected last night and we soon had trades on which were well in profit at one stage but fell back and, at one stage, my account was on 12% drawdown. Rallied later on a bit.

Unfortunately there are no myfxbook pages to view trading history or website yet which make the whole thing seem a bit rushed but lets see what happens.

The Zoom calls they have are worth listening to & i’ll get a link up any which are taking place later in the week.

Link below is to a guide produced to walk people through the set up process. Any queries please contact me on

Link For Registration

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