Arbistar Update – couple of interesting videos.

Arbistar continue to do what it says on their tin. Regular weekly payouts etc. Very tempted to take out a withdrawl but obviously seriously impacts the compounding levels once you do that.

Currently getting around £38+ & growing every Saturday so as I’ve said before will probably leave until Christmas & get some out then.

Just watched a couple of videos showing live trades on the recently released ‘Personal Bot’ which is basically software which allow you to carry out arbitrage Cypto trades on your own accounts as opposed to the ‘Community Bot’ which trades your ‘contribution’ for you.

There has been some online scepticism about wether there was any trading taking place at all , with claims that the ‘contributions’ were used to pay the bonuses ie a type of Ponzi scheme. Having watched the videos which show Personal bot trades it seems pretty clear that these trades are possible to make and, therefore, the Community bot trades are also genuine. Just nice to be given a bit more confidence in the validity of the company.

Its definitely worthwhile watching this video – its a bit long but explains what the company does and what it offers us. Its over an hour but first 20 minutes cover everything.

Let me know if you need any more info @ or click here for more info / sign up page

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