Disaster for FX Funds

Pretty tough day on Friday as it was announced the both of the funds that John Campbell was running under the FX2 name had collapsed. Totalled avbout £1400 for me across the 2 funds so a big chunk out of my investment bank which was initially £5000.

He had mentioned broker difficulties from a withdrawl perspective and also the fact that he had accounts closed due to the brokers losing money with his accounts. John feels that Fort Financial & Coinnex both had issues with the success of his trades as they make money from betting against them.

Seems like it all went south within a couple of weeks with a perfect storm of some poor trades and broker withdrawl & execution issues.

On this page https://fx2.fund/collapse.htm he gives a full explanation of what he claims happend with links to the trades and evidence of the deposits he personally made to keep the fund going. He sounds genuinely devastated about it , as you would hope , but that doesn’t really help with the losses.

Worst experience I’ve had so far in investing and a real sickener – apologies to anyone who decided to invest with John as well.

Just have to move on now and search out & test some more opportunities to to complement our remaining investments in SDFX & Arbistar 2.0.

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