Arbistar 2.0 Review Update.

Currently able to draw out about £320 from my Arbistar account – initial deposit was £190’ish at the end of May so pretty good going. Total balance is £465 but you have to leave your weekly payouts in your account for 60 days before they become available to withdraw.

Just want to stress this isn’t reliant on recruitment – a few people have joined via this blog but i’m currently getting about 60p a day in commission from them so wether you introduce others to the opportunity or not isn’t going to affect your growth too much.

Will probably leave it in to compound for a few months now and draw my initial balance out then although £190 isn’t really going to change my life in my bank account so may just leave it in there.

The ‘Personal Bot’ has been released this week – haven’t really taken much notice of that because it costs $5000 for a 24 months licence. This has been months in development and I can see that it was being talked about being released in February.

I suppose that’s another good sign of the developers desire to get things functioning properly before release rather than just getting the money in and then ironing out the creases in the software later.

Let me know if you need any more info @ or click here for more info / sign up page

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