Arbistar 2.0 Update

Still very impressed with Arbistar and definitely considering adding more funds to my account. To be honest the current balance is what was in my Coinbase account which i’d totally forgotten about so it’s all a bonus anyway. Feel the ways its going I should add more though.

They’ve released an app for Android phones and are close to releasing one for iphones as well which I think is a sign of their intention to be around for a long time. They’re also close to releasing what they call a ‘personal bot’ – this is a version of the arbitrage trading software that’s yours on an annual licence which I believe is $2000.

Obviously that’s serious money but apparently the testing of it (of which there are videos available) demonstrates that its actually good value.

My moneys currently working for me through the ‘community’ bot and its going nice and steadily with a payout every Saturday.

I do highly recommend this one – the guys behind it appear very serious, there are daily updates and, like I said before, I think this is going to be an opportunity thats going to be around for a long time.

Pretty straightforward to get involved – you just need to by some Bitcoin (minimum 300 euros now) through Coinbase for example , register with them & transfer into your account. Your funds will show up and start working for you the Saturday after you deposit.

Let me know if you need any more info @ or click here for more info / sign up page

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