Finished with AFT

Finished now with AFT – few reasons;

Been owed commission for 5 months

Removal of chat forums when questions get a little ‘uncomfortable’ on the basis that the same questions were being asked & ‘some people were ruining it for others’. Even the partners forum was removed. Communication only 1 way now – apart from emails which only seemed to get answered when you made a fuss in the telegram forum.

No evidence or even discussion of hedging which has always been a big selling point of the service due to the type of EA it is – a Martingale variant – which means that the stakes increase as the price of the pair goes in the opposite direction to your trade. The obvious potential is that eventually a trade will come along and blow the account.

Might not happen for years and, to be fair, they are up 275% since starting last August. My account has grown by well in excess of 100% so its worked up until now for me but with obvious potential to lose everything and attitude of the guys running AFT I’ve decided i’m out.

I’ve got a few other things which are working well and i’ll keep updating the blog with – only 1 of them has any affiliate system linked to it so you know, as always, my reviews will be honest and put the performance of the service i’m reviewing ahead of how recruiting will benefit me.

If you want any details of the services just email me @ – I have reviewed them elsewhere in the blog anyway

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