Arbistar 2.0 Update – Balance now £412 from £190 initial investment

Arbsitar 2.0 is going really well as per my last update. Balance is currently £412 from the initial investment of £190.

This has obviously been helped by the increase in value of Bitcoin over the past few weeks – your initial ‘contribution’ is in the form of Bitcoin plus the daily payouts are also in Bitcoin, so all of those have benefitted from the rise.

The question of what Bitcoin can potentially rise to is again a hot topic but, similarly, to 2017 when it got to $20,000 people are talking about the possibility of $100k. The majority are talking in the shorter term of it going back to close to $20k which will suit us fine.

Fortunately with Arbistar that’s just a secondary bonus because the core income generation is done through the arbitrage trades so , even if the price comes down again, the profits will still be coming through.

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