New Service – Arbistar

This is a company I had recommended to me which I initially wrote off due to some online negativity. Had it recommended to me again by someone who has put me onto some good things in the past so I decided to have a look.

You make a minimum ‘contribution’ of 100 euros into your account – this contribution is tied up for maximum of 60 days after which you can withdraw it in full should you choose to. This balance generates profit from ‘arbitrage’ opportunities in the cryptocurrency exchanges – basically the price of Bitcoin for example is different enough from one exchange to another to allow it to be bought and then sold for a profit.

Percentage gains are about .75% a day & its for 30 days a months ie including weekends. You fund your account in Bitcoin via Bitpay – all very straightforward and you can choose to either reinvest your weekly payment or have in automatically paid into your Bitpay account.

First week ended today and received my profit of about £7.70 worth of Bitcoin on £190 balance which is about 4% for the week.

Great potential return for a small investment – more info here

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