FX Auto Trade – Profit now $274 over 100%

FX Auto Trade continues to perform amazingly well or as advertised if you like. I’ve added some more funds and upped the lot size slightly now so the percentage will be difficult to work out from now on. I could add it myfxbook I suppose & I think that can work it all out.

Frustrating thing for me is that it took this rogue trade few weeks ago whilst I had the chart in a different time frame – still stuck in it & might be for a while as its 125 pips away from tp as it stands. Whats even better is that the aud/usd is currently as low as its been for 5 years and before that 10 years so you’d think it would want to move up but doesn’t look like it.

Anyway my own fault in fairness but cautionary tale if you do buy this EA – keep it at M30 timeframe at all times.

Link to the EA sales page https://fxauto.trade/

You can follow the progress of it here https://www.fxblue.com/users/fxautolimited/stats

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