Finally Out Of The eur/jpy Trade

Overall growth on my ac now is 75.76% as we finally came out of the drawdown.

Looking at it from the profit for the week point of view it was good but the long drawdown & the lack of hedging kicking in when the main account exceeded 40% drawdown is a bit of a worry for me.

The response from AFT is that there needs to be ‘certain criteria’ met before the headging kicks in which they wont reveal. I would have that exceeding 40% drawdown would be sufficient criteria to make you want to trigger a strategy to get you out of the trade successfully.

I’m not a programmer nor would I claim to be a trading expert so they may be right but it’s spooked me enough to take my balance down to the minimum £1000 but put in on 100% risk (minimum with £1000) & monitor it less. Will keep updating the results but will be adding the other £1600+ into 3 other services i’m using which are currently going well.

As ever if you need any more info please check the website here or drop me an email @

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