Good Week For AFT But Some Heavy Drawdown Into The Weekend

Overall growth on my ac now is 73.8% & it was a good week for AFT with my account growing over 3%.

The sell trades taken in eur/jpy have not gone our way, to say the least, and i’m currently looking at 15% drawdown on the account. Its going to be an interesting opening tonight with a lot of commentators giving eur/jpy as a strong buy so we’ll see. We may even get to the level of the fabled ‘hedging strategy’ & finally see it in action.

Fortunately I’m on 50% risk so, according to previous information given by AFT on the old incarnation of the website, this should kick in at 20% risk for my account. Should be interesting either way.

Not sure whats happened to the myfxbook display but its separate out the growth & equity growth – may be something I’ve done.

As ever if you need any more info please check the website here or drop me an email @

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