FX2 Fund Up 12% So Far For April

More good news with John’s other service , the FX2 Fund. Its now up 12% already for April and looking like we’ll get the full 13% interest at the month end.

A couple of days ago John tweeted that the month was very slow , very sideways but its quickly turned round and the months looking good again.

I’ve left my profit from last month in so i’m ‘investing’ with £540 now (that was slightly more than I should have received but I think John just rounds it up. Did point it out but he was happy to leave it). As I said previously i’m leaving it all in – or at least until made deposit back, not sure.

The funds progress can be followed here https://www.fxblue.com/users/fx2-fund

The account is updated on Twitter @FundFX2
Website https://fx2.fund/m
Johns email John@orionzen.com

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