New Service Review – Forex Meister

Just started another trial on the Forex Meister service. Only been going a short while but they offer a copy-trading service which they charge 30% of your profits for & which makes the whole thing ‘hands-free’ and means your account exactly mirrors their own. No other charges and, in fact, their service is free without the copy-trading service

I’ve gone for the copy-trading service though because they do send a lot of instructions out to adjust stop losses etc & the copy-trading service will do them for you automatically.

Its another Telegram based service – Telegram is available free from the App Store & the link you need is when you’re in Telegram. This takes you to their channel.

Just awaiting first trades now and i’ll update regularly on my progress. Again, like all my reviews, theres no affiliate set up here so its all genuine & real life results.

Any queries let me know

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