Couple of big announcements this week – first was that AFT were putting their standard settings back to 100% risk ie as they were in November. Second was the long awaited announcement yesterday of the ‘Gold EA’

First one was more symbolic than anything else – everyones had the option to change the risk settings themselves to 200% of AFT’s master settings, thus getting their risk factor back to pre-Christmas anyway. This announcement just showed that AFT believed the market conditions have changed enough convince them their EA should be ok at standard risk.

I’m not so sure and had reduced mine to 50% anyway and have now reduced it to 25% in light of the reset. Still making good profits though and i’m probably being over cautious but i’m looking long term with AFT.

Gold EA is planned to be launched start of May and will certainly be interesting – Gold is notoriously difficult to read for even the best investors so looking forward to seeing what this can do. Especially in light of the 400% a month claims made by AFT when is was first talked about.

As ever if you need any more info please check the website here or drop me an email @

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