New Review – PipTalk

Had this Forex signal service recommended to me by someone who’s been using them with a lot of success since November.

Signals are given out daily via Telegram which, if you don’t know, is a messenger style app. The trades are ‘at market’ so, basically, as soon as you receive the notification you need to place the trade. Easy enough to do because you can worry about adding the stop loss and take profit levels once you’ve placed the trade.

It was my first day today to be honest was very impressed. Received 6 signals – 2 winners, 2 losers and & 2 running in profit currently, so well ahead on the day.

Service is £99 per month and the target is 1000 pips or you don’t pay anything. I joined yesterday – free until end of March, April for £1 and first full payment taken at the beginning of May, so basically 5 weeks signals for £1 before paying anything.

To get involved you need to download Telegram and search for PipTalk PRO which has the membership details. Once you’ve signed up you get added to the signal channel and will start receiving them straight to your phone. Telegram can be used on PC too but obviously its mainly designed for mobile use & is perfect for trade signals.

Really enjoyed it because its very straightforward. Negative trades are allow to hit the stop loss as set when you place the trade and you receive instructions for the positive trades as & when required ie move stop loss to break even, take profit now etc. – so the trades are fully managed for you & its then just a case of changing the s/l or close trade down for profit.

Currently on demo account which i’ll probably use for the full 5 week trial & record the results now & again on here.

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