Nearly 1% gain from CTT

Good day again with CTT EA- just short of 1% growth – nice to see it becoming more active and bodes well for the rest of the year.

Most common question I get asked is the obvious one re this EA – would you recommend it? The answer I’ve given to family & friends (who I’ve never recommended anything to before) is 100% yes – if you have £1000 you can invest then this is potentially a life changing opportunity. If its money you absolutely need then, obviously, no – but if its just more money gaining no interest in an account somewhere then it should be something you should look at.

Personally i’m still planning to grow the account until I’m able to take out my initial deposit. I’ve already taken out £1041 so just over 33% – made another £135 so far in January so need about another £1700.

link to CTT website for registration

Myfxbook record of CTT master account results Myfxbook CTT records

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