Some Interesting Announcements From CTT

This was an announcement on Friday discussing the quiet period of trading we’re going through. Good to have this acknowledged and reassuring to have it confirmed as a short term thing & nice touch re the hosting fee.

Good Morning!

Many people have questioned the level of trading activity.

January is predominantly a low volume trading month. This is because Market Makers, Banks, Institutions and Large Professional traders begin to re-enter the market having withdrawn positions at the end of 2018.

As we saw on Friday GBP activity increased and the EA trade conditions were met and we saw immediate trading activity.

The EA has not been altered in anyway and we will see increasing trade activity. However, as previously expressed the EA is designed for long-term investing not short-term high trade gambling.

Please note in anticipation of lower trade volume CTT have not charged the £15 hosting charge for January.

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