First proper trading day in 2019 – very good day for the EA

I personally made 90 pips today but there were connection issues this morning (which I believe were caused by server upgrades @ CTT’s end) which meant I missed out on this mornings trades for another 55 pips.

Settings are still at the 50% of standard level as they were before Christmas – which i’m ok with and may well be the case until the Brexit issue is more settled.

Apologies for the poor quality of the images showing my progress but that’s all the CTT site can produce at the moment. It does the job though.

Great start for 2019 – will try to find a nicer looking way to display the results but for the moment I’ve taken the balance back to £3000 and the pips gain is below. Think i’ll reset the % gain as well to zero

Total pips gain 122

Daily Pips gain 100

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