Day 35 – Total Gain Now 42.72% !! or £937.34 In Cash Terms

Been an interesting week to say the least with the AFT EA.   For pretty much the whole of the week the drawdown on the USD/CHF trade has moved beetween 15% & 30%.  Other trades continued to be opened in addition to that one although it was a quieter than normal week.

Then a EUR/GBP trade closed yesterday with slippage in our favour which gained me personally about 1.5% on that trade alone & to bring the week to a close with a bang the USD/CHF trade closed with a gain for me of around 5% on just that trade.

A lot of the dollar/swiss trade gains was made up of swap payments which to be honest i didnt know much about, but you receive them when holding trades overnight. think they’re only on certain pairs as well.

The whole USD/CHF trade was tough – being in big drawdown for 4 days is worrying but at the end of the day the EA worked its magic and came out with a big profit so happy days.

Anyway total gain for the week was about 9% which is phonomenal , 17% for the month so the target of 15% for the month has been achieved with a further week to go.

43% Gain In 35 Trading Days With AFT EA

Heres the latest on the live AFT Investment account – basically just the official account

In the meantime heres the compound interest calculator which can give you an idea of the potential returns over 3/4 years.  Remember it works best if you use 15% as the ‘daily’ rate because this will give you a conservative monthly rate, for a year change the ‘days’ to 12, or 24 for 2 years etc, change the reinvestment from 50% to 100% and ‘no’ to weekends.

If anyone needs more detailed info, potential returns etc please let me know on the details below.
Paul Cunningham

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