Day 28 AFT EA Review – £43 / 1.4% gain today – total growth 31% since started.

Day 28 AFT EA Review – £43 / 1.4% gain today – total growth 31% since started.

Today was much the same as yesterday – just winning trades & a 1.4% gain.   Bit of drawdown in the morning but never got over 1% and then we got trading done by around 4pm.  EA was switched off then as there was some major news around Brexit.

Seems like this is the perfect combination for trading – an EA which has the parameters inbuilt and just trades them without emotion and and the human trader who is able to assess market conditions and use common sense and experience to switch it off when it makes sense to do.

Having been involved in Forex trading on and off for about 12 years this making steady gains every day without actually doing anything is taking getting used to.  Keep checking my IC Markets account to make sure i actually have made £600 since joining.

Another 1.4% Gain For AFT EA

Heres the latest on the live AFT Investment account – basically just the official account

In the meantime heres the compound interest calculator which can give you an idea of the potential returns over 3/4 years.  Remember it works best if you use 15% as the ‘daily’ rate because this will give you a conservative monthly rate, for a year change the ‘days’ to 12, or 24 for 2 years etc, change the reinvestment from 50% to 100% and ‘no’ to weekends.

If anyone needs more detailed info, potential returns etc please let me know on the details below.
Paul Cunningham

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