AFT EA Switched Off Yesterday & Today Due To Bank of England News & NFP

The AFT EA has been switched off for yesterday and today due to some expected high impact news due for the Bank of England and todays NFP (non-farm payroll) figures which always have big, unpredictable effect on the markets.

Bit frustrating because i just enjoy watching (yeah still doing that!) the trades – especially now i’ve increased my balance , but good to see that the AFT guys are all about the long term and arent willing to take any chances with clients money.

So, personally, I have a balance with AFT of £2850.68 – which means i’ve made £350.68 since joining AFT.  Started with £500 (please note minimum starting balance is now £1000) to check it out & then added another £2000 in stages.  Planning to add another £500 over the weekend and then increase to £5000 by Christmas which should give me a total balance of around £6000 & a daily return of between £40 – £60 per day. \

Heres the latest on the live AFT Investment account – basically just the official account

In the meantime heres the compound interest calculator which can give you an idea of the potential returns over 3/4 years.  Remember it works best if you use 15% as the ‘daily’ rate because this will give you a conservative monthly rate, for a year change the ‘days’ to 12, or 24 for 2 years etc, change the reinvestment from 50% to 100% and ‘no’ to weekends.

If anyone needs more detailed info, potential returns etc please let me know on the details below.
Paul Cunningham

AFT sign up link is here


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