Day 17 – Another Completed Week For The AFT EA Review – 5.8% Gain For The Week

Day 17 – Another Completed Week For The AFT EA Review – 5.8% Gain For The Week

Interesting day today with a USD/JPY trade taking a while to come through but at its worst the overall drawdown was only around 1.8%.   Makes some people a little nervous though if they’re new and used to trades popping up and closing in profit within half an hour or so.

Profit was about .6% today – total for the week around 5.8% & total for the 17 trading days with AFT is @ 18.23%.

Seems wrong to be making money without doing anything but there you go – in fact the AFT admin guys made a point today of highlighting the problems people had cause themselves by, either, increasing the risk settings or manually do their own trades on their AFT broker account.  Needless to say that didnt end well and has loss them most of their account.

Human nature is really strange – some people arent able to accept that someone has created something that can do a task better than they can. Just leave it alone. Think a lot of its ego – especially if they’ve already done a bit of trading previously.  I dont think theres anywhere else where the phrase ‘a little knowledge is a dangerous thing’ more true than Forex trading.

Am i recommending people join AFT? – 100% if its money you can afford to lose.  I dont mean be ‘happy’ losing because no-ones happy losing £1000, but actually afford to lose so that it affects your day to day life.

Nothing in Forex markets is certain & anything can happen but if its true (and everything I have seen @ AFT has been transparent, sincere and borne out so far) that the EA successfully made its way through 19 years of data without blowing an account then the risk (£1000) has got to be worth the reward (lifetime financial security within 4/5 years)

Please let me know if you have any queries or need any more info @ the email address below

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