Very Nice Day For The AFT EA Again – Nearly 1.5% Before Got Out Of bed

Very Nice Day For The AFT EA Again – Nearly 1.5% Before Got Out Of bed

Checked the MT4 app on my phone first thing , bit blurry eyed, and though i was looking at yesterday trades  as there were so many trades showing closed already.  6 closed trades – all winners and another 1.4% gain added to my account before 8am.

Theres a lot of new members who have only experienced yesterday and today who cant believe what they’re seeing.  As its trading it, obviously, isnt always this easy & only last week there were a couple of trades that ran over a few days, but eventually ended in profit. In fact theres 2 trades open now which are in the red but they will , no doubt, turn to profit at some stage.

And thats the whole point – this thing just works. The EA’s now been live & recorded on My FX Book for 67 days without a losing day.   With all investments its wise only to use what you can afford to lose – but interestingly it would only take you about 4 1/2 months to double your money at which stage you could withdraw what you started with and have a free ride at the opportunity of a lifetime.

AFT reached a milestone last night – they’re now trading with £1,000,000 of members funds. An amazing achievement for something which lunched from scratch a couple of months ago.

As ever email me below for any more info

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