Day 6 AFT Auto Forex Trading Review – Steady 0.8% gain

More than happy with AFT so far- doing exactly what it says on the tin.  6% gain over 6 days but i do need to somehow find a way to stop watching the trades tick by tick!!  Have to say it is good fun though- especially when they’re approaching the take profit level.

Just the 2 trades today nzd/usd sell which closed for a small profit this morning & then a eur/usd which closed this afternoon for a bigger profit.  eur/usd trade went against us for most of the day but because of the hedging built into the EA none of the team or members who’ve been with AFT for the last few weeks are at all concerned. In fact most of them are happy to see the potential for the hedging to kick in because it usually means bigger profits.

I’ve no idea how Sam has programmed it to pretty much guarantee a profit but i’m just glad he has. Didnt need it today though as both trades closed out in the original sell direction.

Remember this is all automated – requires no input from us at all.  The EA just gets on with everything as its programmed to do – averaging 1% with as little risk as possible. If 1% doesnt sound very much just put £1000 (its in dollars but ignore that) in this Daily Interest Compound Calculator If you change the days to 260 which will give you about a year, change the reinvest to 100% and ‘no’ to weekends it will give you an idea of the power of what AFT are offering.

Apologies that i dont have a myfxbook image today but i’m trying to set it up so i can just post a link to the account rather than post an image. Below image is from my copier account on Social Trader Tools.

If anyone is interested in being added to the Facebook group then just let me know –
Paul Cunningham

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