Auto Forex Trading Review AFT – Day 5

Auto Forex Trading Review AFT – Day 5

Another passively profitable day for the Auto Forex Trading EA – nice steady gain of .6% , taking my weekly growth to 5.25%. As you can see from the image of the MyFXBook page, this is a live account trading with real funds , real time so fully transparent.

Its great to watch the EA move the stop loss to lock in profit knowing that whatever happens you’re in a winning trade – happened a couple of times today & the gains could have been even bigger with a little bit of luck as one trade missed the full profit target by a pip or so and another spiked to the trailing stop loss before powering on to the original profit target.

Not complaining at all though because growth at same rate as this weeks for the next couple of years will be life-changing – can’t wait until Monday!

Heres my MyFXBook account showing the position after the first weeks trading – any queries please contact me at the email address below.

Auto Forex Trading Review , AFT EA Review

The site again is Auto Forex Trading

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