Live Room Goes Live Tomorrow For FX Sundays

The Live Room goes live tomorrow for the FX Sundays trading group led by Jonah. You need to have bought the course to enter the room by the way. Thinks its best to let Jonah get it across in his own inimitable way – heres his latest post about tomorrows launch.

Are We Fucking Ready??
Ok guys I’m really fucking excited about these next two weeks! I am first and foremost not promising anything as I don’t know if I will be able to get this across in a live room, as I was not sure if I could get the methodologies across in the course. But hey the course has been an overwhelming success and I thank all of you that have bought it and shared the kind words of your success and appreciation! Remember I am here to hopefully make a difference to your lives, and if I benefit just one person then I am happy indeed! Life is about progression, fruition, wealth, health, happiness! I will try my fucking hardest to help you in you adventure of trading and I sincerely hope some of you guys go on to make top top top retail traders and make it your new profession! I don’t and can’t speak of failure so lets nail this bastard and take it to the next level!! It will be an interesting two weeks and getting it right will be massive for everyone involve! So let’s see how it goes, I look forward to seeing you all tomorrow, I think we have over 65 in the group so the pressure is on, but I promise to deliver what I can! It could be very easy to give you trades just for the sake of trading, I will try my best not to do this as its not the professional way. But hey lets eh!!
Good luck this week guys, I have a few more people to add to Skype group which I shall do after I finish my barcelo cola in the mild Spanish air!! I think I have you all in whatsapp now so wil send a test now, if your not in hit me up quick on Skype message please!! Cheers guys

He can be contacted here for more details.

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