FX Sundays – Quick Update.

Not mentioned FX Sundays for a while and to be honest i’ve not raded the signals for a couple of months now. Thats nothing to do with quality of them , its more to do with having no time to even place them. ┬áBit pathetic that really, now i’m thinking about it because it takes less than 15 minutes on a Sunday night/Monday morning.

Anyway Jonah’s trialled a live trading room with a mate of his & (i think) just himself & its gone really well apparently. He’s now offering a free trial of it to anyone interested and also has an offer on his highly recommended course which expires tonight.

I’m not affiliated to him in anyway, i just want people to at least try the free signals of someone who is very genuine and very good at what he does.

He can be contacted here for more details.

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